New job

In my new job, I have more than one co-worker who is of a different political party than me. I let it out today to one coworker which party I belong to because I said that I liked our governor (who was speaking live this morning). She said she did not like him and then said of the mayor of the city, “You don’t like him too, do you? He’s a Marxist.” I felt judged regarding my political party and feel like she’s going to tell the rest of the people in the office, and they won’t like me. So sorry I said I liked the governor. So mad at myself.
C – I told a co-worker I like the governor
T – Based on her response, I think she is a different political party than me.
F – Anxious
A – People please even more than usual in the office — which is already a lot.
R – ????