New job, new models, new life.

I got a new job. Was very excited until I found out lots of people leaving and few people to train me. Director is new and in the weeds himself. Colleague who was going to train me now out on maternity leave. Head physician in practice is leaving because he is unhappy with practice. Came home last night after first week on job very cranky. I was annoyed with husband who was home all day and did not have dinner ready. Seeing some of my old patterns emerging and want to change them

Intentional mode for job.
C: New job- lots of moving parts
T: I’ve got my own back and I will figure this out. I don’t need anyone to show me the way
F: Confident
A: Start working on a plan/process
R: Develop a process that ends up being a model for how to do the job and become an expert at job

Intentional Model for husband
C: New job with lots of moving parts
T: I want to come home every night feeling loving towards my husband as I figure out this new job
F: Love and grateful towards husband
A: Throw out manual for husband. Accept husband for who he is and that he will do things different from me but that’s ok
R: Have wonderful loving evenings with my husband which I need as I deal with new job

Intentional model for health/weight
C: New job with lots of moving parts
T: Will not use food or wine to buffer stress.
F: Determined but compassionate when I slip.
A: Find thoughts/ other ways, that will ease my mind after work so I don’t grab for food/wine when I come home
R: stay healthy and feel good.

My ultimate goal is to live a life of balance. Be good at all areas of my life. However, frequently, I end up being good at one area, usually my job, and not so good in others. I don’t want to be successful in my job and be a miserable wife. How do I put it all together. Do I just keep practicing these models every day? Dedicate time to each area everyday?