New job, new worries

I’ve recently been promoted to manager, and find the new job much more demanding on my time. At the same time, my husband also got a new job more demanding on his time. Both are on location jobs, rather than remote.

We now have the problem of not being able to take our daughter to school, if we are to be on time at our jobs 2-3 times a week. We’ve decided that we would take turns, but even so, this requires me to miss quite a few management meetings, or to ask to move them.

I feel incredibly uncomfortable to bring this up with my new boss. I just started the job and I am asking if I can be late, or impose on all the other managers’ time as the newbie.

But I don’t want to let my daughter or husband down, and I want to make them my priority. So how do I talk to my boss in a way in which she understands? I feel so bad for even having to discuss and ask for her understanding. It’s like I’m slacking off.