New job on Monday

C: starting a new job on Monday
T: this is going to be the same shit as my old job
F: trapped
A: ruminate, resist my feelings, want to buffer with food/alcohol, isolate from friends, try to nap/sleep, indulge in overwhelm
R: I maintain my old thought patterns and create the same shit as happened in my old job in the new one

So, I started trying to find a better thought because now that I can see that this thought is completely unhelpful I’m open to considering better feeling options. I feel like the feeling (interestingly) has mostly passed with the above awareness.

What I want to believe is that this job will catalyze a transformation in me to the version of myself who will start a million-dollar business with ease. But I also am mindful that the new job will be 50/50 just like the old job.

Upon closer examination, I realize that I’m giving credit to the job to catalyze this transformation. When really, it’s about me doing the thought work that will create this change.

Can a coach help me re-word this target thought so that it puts ME back in the driver’s seat? It’s a little confusing because I feel like upon realization that thought work will be the catalyst to change my life there’s really no transformative process that has to happen. It kind of happens at that exact moment.

Maybe something like, “I use the power of my brain to create a transformation in myself into a version of me who can start a million-dollar business with ease” or “I use the power of my brain to create anything I want whenever I want.” Something about the element of time here is tripping me up. I feel that in my statements there’s the implication that “there” is better than here, whether it’s when I can start a million-dollar business or whether I’m in a new job.

Another thought I like is, “it’s possible that I will become a completely different version of myself.” That makes me feel optimistic, which makes me take actions like being prepared for work, getting involved in extracurriculars I love, and reconnecting with family. The result would be that I would become a completely different version of myself. That feels good.

Any further suggestions?