New Job, worried sick I am not good enough

I worked for a company for almost 6 years, I never progressed in my job. I tried, but It didn’t work out and then I left. It took me over a year to get a new job. I have been there for few weeks, my colleagues are all very young and talented. I have been very lucky to get into an amazing organization, everyone is pretty impressive and I am realizing I might not be. I am really worried my thoughts are hijacking this amazing opportunity I worked so hard to get. I feel very nervous because dispised my experience I really don’t think I have many skills to show for. I have tried a few models but still, I am very panicky and anxious most of the time. I am trying to allow the feelings related to the possibility of me not been good enough, but I can’t figure out how to keep in control of these thoughts that are making me so paranoid and more insecure and maybe less competent. I know I can’t accelerate the process but I really need to calm down any ideas on how to??? I don’t think my alternative model is making the trick. My models look a bit like this:

C – New Job
T – I am not good intelligent enough for work/ people will see why I didn’t progress in my old job
F – Powerless
A- Get distracted thinking I am not good enough
R – Not paying attention

C- New Job
T – People will realize my qualifications are not a truthful reflection of my capabilities
F – Nervous (full blown impostor syndrome)
A – Overly chatty, pretending to be confident
R – Missing the opportunity to focus on my work

Alternative Models-

C – New Job
T- I am designed to have or developed all the skills to achieve my potential
F – Confident
A – Focus on what I am doing
R – acceptable quality on my job