New Job

Hi Brooke,

I have used my work in this program over the past 11 months to help me in so many ways: restructuring my life post MBA graduation burnout, learning how to take care of myself, de-cluttering my house, reducing my overeating, learning how to sit with uncomfortable emotions, learning how to emotionally adult, finding courage to face a big surgery, learning how to work really hard in a job that I didn’t totally love, finding my voices and getting into a new job I really love, and so much more. I feel really happy — thank you for all of your coaching! I’ve been listening to you almost every day, and gaining so much from your great insight.

I just started this new job and I am so excited because it’s my time to rock and roll into this big goal I set for myself. I wanted this job so bad and now I have it! I’m also feeling myself getting anxious and overwhelmed. I just hit the 1.5 month, and I find that I’m processing so much new information each day that when I get home at night I am totally exhausted. There are so many invisible pieces of information I’m trying to hunt down to fill in the gaps of learning their office culture, expectations, where things are on the server, etc. I want to do a killer job for them. I’m struggling with the volume of requests and also the fear I am going to drop the ball on something. I am probably not setting good boundaries, because a. our relationship is so new, b. I don’t know what boundaries to set, and c. I’m still getting up to speed on everything. I’m hoping you have some advice to help me focus?

C: I have a new job
T: I am not sure what boundaries to set
F: Anxious
A: Reaching to do everything
R: I am exhausted at night

C: I have a new job
R: I have it under control