New life, new skill-set.

I have been loving the series on Money. As Brooke coached a participant during this week’s session, she reminded us of the importance of not confusing the thoughts we have about the value we offer others vs our thoughts about our self-worth. Listening to this evoked a huge realization and numerous questions in my mind…here’s why:
The family business I helped run for over 30 years recently sold, giving me the opportunity to decide what to do “when I grow up”. (I’m 53). While I excelled at my career and loved it for a long time, the last several years have been long and tedious; I no longer wish to have anything to do with restaurant management and marketing. I am excited about the challenge of doing something completely new. The discovery of both Scholars and The Life Coach School is invigorating and I am beyond excited about the idea of making this a new career. My confidence about it has also been strong until this week, as I realized that the skill-set that I’m good at is being tossed aside while I “gamble” on the desire that I want to be a great life coach. I am torn between working on a model to change the thought, “I may not be qualified to do this,” and focusing on thoughts from my future self that declares, “The Life Coach School has provided the tools I need to succeed.” Is either of these two approaches preferred?