New model for clients getting value from my work

Brooke! I am loving this forum. I realized a couple of weeks ago, in another program I am in with Susan Hyatt, that I don’t ask for help. So, that is the first thing I am making sure I get out of this program. I will be asking questions and reporting in whether I think my questions are “good enough.”
My goal for the last couple of years has been to switch over from being a Marriage and Family Therapist full time to being a coach full time. I figured I would start with a few classes and a few clients and slowly switch over. It’s an easy plan, very simple, and yet, I have zero coaching client’s right now. Part of it is that therapy and insurance clientele are comfortable. They show up through a recommendation through their insurance company or to the group that I am a part of. I do love therapy, but I LOVE coaching. I have some private pay therapy clients with anxiety that I do a lot of coaching with and I definitely feel more jazzed doing that kind of work. I have been doing work on that part- my thoughts on why some clients “make me” feel jazzed. I started going in with an open mind and have been having a blast with all of my clients now, which is new for me, and I still want to transition to coaching in my own business.
Doing the money course, I came up with a big belief that I have and I did the model for it:

C- People exist in this world that could benefit from coaching
T- My work is not good enough and therefore they will not want to pay me
F- Fear
A- (inaction) nowhere for clients to click “pay me” and no offerings
R- No clients

Even as I write that out I can see where a lot of my thought errors are. It’s hilarious because my therapy practice and my coaching practice will be very much the same, except for who I start to take in as clients, where I find them, and that they will pay me. I literally am doing the coaching practice, accepting cash from some clients, etc. Also, my clients love me and I basically only get referrals now, because my coworkers and client’s recommend me.
So. I am afraid of putting myself out there on my own. There is a safety of being with a group that I have been hiding in. And I have a fear of charging clients.
My new model:

C- People exist in this world that could benefit from coaching
T- My work is spot on, people love working with me and they want to pay me for the value I am providing
F- Confidence
A- My relationships program online and advertised, coaching packaged offered
R- More clients than I can handle, I’ll have to refer them out or upscale

What are your thoughts? Thank you for everything!