New mom question

Hi Brooke,
I’m very excited to have finally joined Scholars after passively absorbing your content for so long! I know you said there are no silly questions so here’s my question:
I had a baby boy 5 months ago and I’m very ready to find my new normal in life and business. I’m definitely not at the weight I would like to be but I’m trying to be patient with myself in that area. I also have grand plans to write a cookbook (I’m a nutritionist when there isn’t a baby attached to my boob). I’m wondering what to focus on first. I’m thinking about focussing on the book as it’s December and an ideal time to set my business goals for the year but I also need to be realistic as I have a very young baby that takes up most of my time. In terms of weight loss – do you recommend your program while breastfeeding? I do need to hit a certain number of calories a day but I also need to stop shoving chocolate bars down my gullet.
So. Business or baby weight. That is the question.
Have a fabulous day!