New position and part time

C. I have been offered a new position and accepted
T. I am afraid to call back the manager to check with her if I can remain part time and that she changes her mind
F. Anxious
A. Not happy about the new job, don’t allow myself to enjoy the idea, spin in worries, prepare what I would tell her, worried I may have to search again for another position, worried I finally don’t get the interesting job
R. I am afraid to call her.

IM :
T. I have found the position of my dreams and need to take care of the last practical details.
F. Thrilled
A. I prepare myself for the job, for what I will say about the part time part and what I will do if it is not possible.
R. I fantasize about the new position

I would like to find a good way to tell the manager about the part time thing, and I haven’t decided yet what to do if she refuses.

Thanks for your help