New Scholar working on Believing New Things

I am a new scholar who just started my first workbook: Believing New Things. Question #4 of the monthly assignment asks us to , “Answer each of these sentences with an alternative thought and a massive action to counter it. List them here.”

I am seeking guidance on what a “massive action” might be in this context. I understand how LCS defines “massive action” but I remain unclear on what the expectation is to pair an action with an alternative thought in this assignment.

For example, I am working on believing the sentence, “I trust myself.”

A conflicting sentence I came up with in question #3 of this assignment is, “I am skeptical of my ability to trust myself and execute this assignment successfully.”

The alternative thought I drafted for question #4 is, “I trust my ability execute this assignment and believe new things.” What sort of massive action would I pair with this statement to reinforce it?

Thank you for helping me navigate this!