New Solopreneur Coach: Carpe Diem or Patience?

Month 4 Scholar here and it just keeps getting BETTER every month! It’s a privilege and a blessing to be learning and applying this work. Thank you!

I’m a former Fortune 500 communications executive whose last 10 years in that career evolved into leadership/executive coaching. I’m now transitioning to becoming a solopreneur coach and absolutely devouring all the Entrepreneur content (please, don’t let the videos end this month!)

I’m on the waiting list for Training and Certification. Not knowing when that will occur, I don’t want that to be the barrier to me getting out there and starting my business in earnest. In fact I want to set an aggressive financial target for my impossible goal in 2018. Currently coaching my face off pro bono to my target audience is yielding positive feedback (including some former internal clients and colleagues from whom I’m declined payment as a way of giving results ahead of time and maintaining that connection).

You’ve suggested to some students that they wait until they’ve completed training and certification to start their business. I acknowledge there is much I don’t know and will gain in the formal coach training, while being confident that I can serve clients today for profit by drawing on my past experience and incorporating what I’m learning in SCS. It has taken a ton of thought work to believe that I have something to offer now and can begin charging for that value (overcoming the imposter syndrome that says an untrained coach is fraud). I’m highly motivated to go after it in a big way in 2018 and start failing at my business ASAP, so that I’m that much further along by the time I get to training. Of course it could all be hubris on my part.

Appreciate your guidance.

-Kelly C.