New TDLs


Wanting guidance or suggestion on my daily practice of thought downloads and models.

Heard Brooke say enough with the negative – you gotta do the rampages in your thought downloads.

I find my thought downloads perpetuating if I go negative in them…. they just go down these old well worn pathways, they spiral, its a perpetuation.

I am on to my brain – I can see what it’s trying to do or would do unchecked.

So two things – I want to do a new type of thought download – to perpetuate the good, practice the beliefs, etc
And I want to do a “negative thought download” when thoughts are a kittle tangled or unhelpful or spinning on something – but I want to make it specific and brief and not go down rabbits holes and then this and this is awful blah blah….

I know I kinda answered myself but would appreciate the suggestions or deeper ideas please