New Thought

Thank you for your time. I haven’t written a question in a while so I look forward to your answer. Some background, I am 2 months in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and am using SCS as a supplement to traditional therapy treatment modalities like therapy, 12 step groups, etc. I have gained 15lbs through overeating during these last 2 months and I know that it is just substituting food and very common. I do, however, want a different result in my life so I am looking for a new thought to this model:

C: I weigh 200lbs
T: I’m fat and ugly
F: Shame
A: Overeat to buffer
R: Weight gain, don’t reach goals, health consequences (high blood pressure and cholesterol)

Knowing that my T: line is optional, I am looking for a new thought that supports the actions I know I need to take. Asking “why I am choosing to think this”? I get answers like, “because society says I should be thin”, or “because of messages I got as a child”. I have learned, however, that it is because I am choosing to think the thought “I am fat and ugly” and that leads to feeling shame.

If I ask myself what I would like to think instead, I chose the thought “I am empowered and 100% worthy no matter what I weigh.” I don’t think that I have gotten to a thought that really “feels” great to me that I can believe 100%. I was wondering if you had some ideas for new thoughts that I could try out, or for guidance on reaching my desired feeling of empowered. Maybe empowered isn’t even the feeling I want, I am new at feelings so I am trying to pick one that seems right.

Am I overthinking things? Looking forward to your feedback.