New thought about compelling reason

I am feeling discouraged right now after eating off protocol for a number of weeks. My compelling reason to lose weight is to fit into my skinny clothes and feel better, but this is probably not compelling enough because I am gaining weight back and not following my protocol again. Three years ago, I tried to lose weight for my wedding, and even THAT wasn’t a compelling enough reason because I only lost about 5 pounds. I try to tell myself that I have new tools this time and that is is a new experience, but I don’t fully believe that yet. Can you give me some feedback on my models?

Unintentional Model:
C- Eating off protocol
T- “I can’t lose anymore weight. I couldn’t even lose weight for my wedding, and the last time I was thin, I was starving and overexercising.”
F- Depressed
A- Eat more food
R- Gain weight

Intentional Model:
C- Eating off protocol
T- “It is okay because I have new tools and am managing my mind. This time will be different.”
F- Inspired
A- Do daily work, plan food, etc.
R- Stay on protocol and refuse to quit