New thought for husband’s behavior

I’m trying to find a new thought regarding my husband. We have 2 children (3 and 5) and I sometimes feel like he doesn’t do his share. Last night, my daughter didn’t want to go to sleep, I was trying to work on my computer and he just left and went to take a shower. I couldn’t keep working, my daughter was trying to get my attention, so I had to stop and take care of her when it was his turn.
Here is my UM
C. 9pm, J’s not sleeping, I’m working, husband takes a shower
T. He is not doing his share
F. Angry
A. Put daughter to bed while rehearsing what I was angrily going to tell my husband then confront him.
R. Anger on both sides

I came up with “he lives his life, I will live mine” as a thought for an IM, but I would love to find another thought going toward “he is tired”, or “he really needs a break”, bringing me compassion. Right now, when I think that, there’s another thought coming right after, very loud “What about me!???”.

Thank you for your help!