New thought is challenging

I am using the ‘new sentence I want to believe’ to address something pretty core to how I’ve shown up in the world all my life and which results in a lot of inaction and a lonely life. What’s core, is that I think others don’t want me to approach them. At the thought level, I can catch myself thinking “he wants space right now”, “he doesn’t want to be interrupted”, “he will like it if I stay away”. Also, I think it’s so ingrained that the thoughts also operate subconsciously and my body carries out the actions of “giving space” pretty automatically.

This ties in with my impossible goal which is to meet a partner this year. So, this month I have “he loves it when I show interest in him”. I’ve been working on this this month by doing homework daily. It seems to go fine enough when filling out the lines of the homework. However, when I’m around someone I like, I can not bring myself to show interest. I really think I’ll push them away, or be annoying if I do show interest. How can I make more real world progress with my ‘new belief’? Also, did I mention this is scary? Thank you~