New thought / model help

I need some help with my IM. I’ve been thinking about the thought “she’s exactly what we need and will complete our family” because it makes me feel calm and happy about our growing family and counters the fear I have. But, I am worried that thought also puts a lot of pressure on my soon to be newborn to “complete our family.” Almost like that thought is my brain’s attempt to fix things? It’s probably going to be a shit show either way, so what are some suggestions of thoughts I can work on when I’m feeling fear and overwhelm around my growing family? I want this baby but my son is so, so challenging my brain is freaking out a lot of the time asking how am I going to do this?! Thx!

C pregnant w second child
T my son requires so much of me now and it’s a constant shitshow. It’s going to be impossible with two kids.
F fear
A think about how terrible it will be
R dread future together

C pregnant w second child
T she’s going to complete our family. This is what we need and can handle.
F calm
A think about positive times we have ahead
R prepare positively for her birth