New Thought is Wordy

Old Thoughts- Sometimes indulging is okay. I eat so clean most of the time, one scoop of ice cream, one cookie, one piece of bread isn’t a big deal. I’ve done this before and actually have seen better results on the scale. I’ve don’t this before and its no problem getting back. I’ll eat less tomorrow. I can move things around in my protocol so that I can fit this in.

New Thoughts- I will stay on protocol no matter what. I no longer buffer with food. I allow any urge. This is what will lead me to evolve. I don’t want to want it. Giving into this urge will intensify my desire. I want to stay connected with my body and feel what I am feeling all the way through.

So when I’m in a circumstance where I notice my brain telling me my old thoughts, do I recite this new line of thoughts? I am having trouble just telling myself one of these new thoughts- I feel like my old wiring requires more new input to override the old input. But I have noticed in a lot of your Ask Brooke section you have people trim down their models to one thought. Maybe my old brian just needs more convincing ha.

The feeling that I am trying to generate is Determination.

Thanks! Love you!
Brittany D