New Thoughts

I am frequently around a few people who have strong opinions. I am becoming more aware of how I often feel around them. I used to think it was the way they made me feel.😉 Now I know it’s because of my thoughts and I want to work on those thoughts.

C- around those individuals
T- I am not enough.
F- not enough, protective, defensive
A- withdraw, defend self,
R- not being me, not living life abundantly, relationships are negatively affected

C- around those individuals
T- I am enough.
F- enough, steady, unaffected (not reactive), joyful, peaceful
A- enjoying being myself, allowing others to be themselves,
R- being me, living life abundantly, relationships are not negatively affected

Will you please add to my models wherever you see fit and also help me to find additional thoughts to the ones listed below that can help me to feel those feelings in the IM?

-I am enough. Also, will you please expand on the possibilities with the thought of “I am enough”? As I am practicing that thought, I don’t want to just settle in to that idea. I want to develop self-love, acceptance, and relationship with self. So, what additional things will be good for me to keep in mind as I practice the thought “I am enough”?
-I enjoy being me.
-I like me no matter what.
-I am worthy of my own attention.

What other thoughts may be good to practice?

Thank you in advance for all of your help.