New Thoughts

Brooke says we get to choose the thoughts we think and what we choose to believe.  If I take a new thought that I want to believe about myself, should I build a model around it?  And if so, would the new thought/belief go in the C or T line?

For example, I have a common thought that I am too old to lose weight, find a partner, start a new career, have better finances, etc.

What I want to believe is:

  • 46 is the new 26!
  • I’m 46 and I’m just getting started.
  • I’m 46 but my true spirit is so youthful.
  • I’m 46 and just figuring all this out.
  • I can’t wait for the next 46 years.

Can you help me work through this?  I’m still unsure how to introduce the new, empowering thoughts that I want to adopt in a way that they will stick.