New thoughts

Hi coaches,
Work has been more frustrating, actually, I’ll rephrase, my thoughts about work have been very negative. I work in an organization where incompetence seems to be rewarded. I am having a really hard time finding a new thought that I believe in to get through it. It’s taking a lot of mental work to get my work done on a daily basis.
C: work
T: incompetence is reward
F: frustrated and angry
A: agitates, snappy, unhelpful, unsatisfied, buffering by taking time off so that I can avoid
R: I am not working/ functioning at my best

I have tried the following new thoughts
– I need to be more emotionally responsible
– everyone is trying their best
– I could just quit
– it is my choice to be here

The new thoughts aren’t really sticking and I still feel angry all the time. Every time I get a new task I lose my mind, try and change my thoughts, get through it but it happens again. I don’t think I’m creating a believable thought that is allowing me to move forward.

C: work
T: no believable thought
F: disappointed
A: procrastinate and don’t get anything done. Waste time trying to manage my mind
R: get nothing done

Please help me see another perspective or further direction with building a new thought. The thought ladder has not worked.