New Thoughts Around Eating

I found it easier to eat healthier choices when I lived alone because I just wouldn’t have the food in the house. Now I am cooking for others and they like (as do I!) food that is not going to be on my food protocol. As I move forward on my protocol, I want to have better feeling thoughts about my choice to eat (I.e. salad) as I watch them eat macaroni and cheese.

However, I realize I usually circle in thoughts and feelings of self-pity, resentment, envy, and frustration. I want to choose and enjoy the food on my protocol as I sit down to dinner with them and also be okay w their choices to not eat that way. Perhaps it’s just my brain that’s hungry right now 😉 but I’m having a hard time with new, better thoughts. Is this something you can help me with? Thank you so much.