New thoughts system for triggers

I am noticing that I have, and always have had, lots of mini challenging interactions (triggers) throughout the workday, with my thoughts being around feeling disrespected or embarrassed or inadequate. This happens in dog training class as well (I take my border collie to agility and obedience classes) and in personal training sessions at the gym. This happens in normal social situations and conversations. It feels like paranoia

I believe most of my “problems” would be solved if I did not have these reactions- “who would I be without those thoughts” .

Unintentional Thoughts are- I am being disrespected, I don’t really know what I am talking about, I am being misunderstood, I am embarrassed because I don’t really know the answer, people don’t like me- all very self absorbed (even paranoid) thoughts, focused on rating myself and the situation in the moment, and feeling like shit thereafter.

Do you have any ideas or insights on the next steps. This will be life changing

I’d like something of more substance -something that releases me from self absorption, entirely- I suspect that this entire frame of reference is flawed and perhaps the solution is a complete change in where/how I put my focus (eg positive aspects)

Is it possible for me to develop a stance where I simply do not judge an interaction and I go with the moment without ever feeling bad about myself or others- where I simply do not engage in this quality of thinking at all? is there a “higher level” thought system

Possible Intentional thought-
I embrace humanness
I allow life to be
I let go of thoughts that feel bad to me,
I live and let live
I live in the moment
Moments float by quickly
I let things go
I am free
I enjoy working with people,
I enjoy talking with people,
I enjoy challenges
Would appreciate your thoughts here

PS not overeating, just solving the problem