New to intermittent fasting: confused about hunger cues

I’ve started intermittent fasting and have noticed major changes to my hunger levels. I’m doing 16:8, with a 12pm-8pm eating window. I wake up at 6am and in the mid-mornings I’m SUPER hungry, but once over that hump I can make it to noon and not feel rushed to break my fast. I still eat around 12 but it’s not like I’m famished or eating off my protocol. After this meal, I’ve noticed that I’m not really hungry at dinner time. Do you have a recommendation for this? Should I not eat, or eat to keep to a schedule and avoid being even *more* hungry the next morning? Would a snack be a better idea?

I started on Saturday (today is Monday), and my meals are salads w/baked chicken breast and a serving of boiled new potatoes or rice. I haven’t actually done a model about this since I’m not sure how to parse things out. My overall goal is to lose weight, and explore whether intermittent fasting is something I’d like to continue long-term.

Oh, it might also be relevant to say that I typically work out every weekday morning, but since I’m new to IF I’ve decided not to try and keep that up, at least this week because my workouts make me really hungry for breakfast on a normal day. I’ve kept my evening walks though. Your insights are appreciated!