New to Model & Tips, Self Compassion Follow Up

Hi Brooke, I’ve been watching video 2 in How to Feel Better. In the video, you talk about coming from a place of understanding for your thoughts. Here is what I am understanding – We need to write down our unintentional model and really think about the results we are getting from that thought. Once we understand the full effect, then we can move into developing an intentional thought. (Question – What if you struggle to fully understand the result/effect?)

Going back to the models I asked about the past couple of days, here is what I’ve been thinking about. Do negative thoughts come from a place of fear and not wanting to change? Yes? For example, I’m not looking forward to going to my part time job. My action was to vent about it, but what if it came from not wanting to change?? So the reasons I tell myself are – It’s inconvenient. I want to go home after work and relax. I don’t want to memorize the menu and present myself to others because of how they may receive me and my work. I won’t live up to their expectations of me. So, I struggle with change (maybe due to a lack of self compassion because I put all these expectations and high standards on myself, therefore I don’t want to change myself or add anything new to my life because I will put SO much work on myself.)