New to the scholar. Circumstance.

Hi Brooke,
I am new to the scholar. I signed up for your program on December 27 as a Christma gift to myself. I can’t wait for my first beginner call. I am so excited for all that I am going to learn and to apply in my life. I purchase your book Self coaching 101 about a month ago and I have not been able to put it down. I already feel like a learn a lot from your book. Now that I am actually a student of the scholar I feel that I my life is about to change, as long I apply your teaching in my everyday life. I am presently struggling with the Model, how to formulate it in a way that makes sense to me. I have been doing the thought download, and when it is time to pick one topic to write a model I freeze. Not know how to find a Circumstance for what I wrote from my thought download. Here is an example of how I am doing the exercise.
I want to be a better teacher.
The soup smell good.
Can’t believe I didn’t workout today.
I am anxious for the scholar program.
The river is running peacefully.
I am nervous about doing the thought download.
what if I am doing all wrong.
My mind is not liking this exercise. ( Thought download.)
I miss my dad.
My mom is dead.
My aunts are very sad people.
My mom is dead. What a waste of life.
I ran out of time with my dad. He is dead.

so when it came time to choose one thought to do my MODEL, I picked ” MY AUNTS ARE VERY SAD PEOPLE.”


C –
T – my aunts are very sad people.
F- Bother
A- I don’t want to talk to them.
R- Stop calling them.

T-My aunts are very sad people.
F- Compassion
A- Be a listener.
R- Continue to call.

I can’t see to find a reason for the CIRCUMSTANCE. So my questions are: How can I justify a reason for the circumstance. It has to be a fact and not a feeling or opinion. And will I always have to have a circumstance? for the model.