New years eve 2.0

Today my boyfriend and i are celebrating new years eve with his friends and i feel anxiety because i’m scared that if there are boys around that cause me positive feeling/thouhgts i will feel resentemnt towards my boyfriend also i’m scared that i will feel unattracted or emberassed because of him. As i did in the past. I know i cause my own feeling but its just a sorrow of mine. Thinking like this causes me to be not present and feeling anxious. Help! 🙂 thank u so much

I also did an inentional model:
C: celebrating new years eve with friends
T: scared i’m gonna have negative thoughts about my bf
F: anxious
A: acting insecure, uncomfortable not present, a little bit resentful,
R: having a bad night with friends

Is this right?
If yes, how do i make an helpful intentional model?

And those were thoughts downloads:
Scared i’m gonna feel ashamed and not attracted bf
Scared i’m gonna feel envious of the other peoples life and lifestyle
Scared i’m gonna feel more attracted to the other boys
Scared of having negative thoughts and not being present