New years resolution

One of my new years resolutions is not to drink for a year. I thought it makes sense because I spend crazy amounts of time feeling guilty and anxious after I drink, so I felt stopping all together makes the most sense.
It been going quite well, not days wasted having terrible hangovers and much less alcohol driven anxiety, however I’m going on a city break with my husband and all of the sudden I can’t stop thinking about cava and red wine! (I like wine so much in my spare time I studied a course on oenology!).
I’m sure this all very normal however, whilst talking with my husband about it, he asked me if this not drinking was for good, and I felt a bit sad, relieved and worried whilst I confessed choosing to drink a couple of drinks sounds 10 times harder than not deinking. I felt sad because I really have less fun when I’m out, relieved because there is less anxiety and worried that I didn’t use the stop overdriking tools and going cold turkey on the winos might end up on me going back to overdriking. It’s only day 61 and already dreading the other 300. Any tips on how to make this a successful decision?