Newbie: how to move through materials in Scholars? How much time should I spend?

Hi I’m new!
There’s a lot of material here. I have many areas I want to improve, and already I’m spending so much time watching videos and taking notes. I’m worried I will spend all my time consuming.
… also, I tend to buffer by consuming self-help.
What’s the best way to approach this? Like, where to start? How did you do it?

Also, here’s my model for self-help buffering:
C: ?
T: there’s something wrong with me, I should already know this stuff
F: Sad, lack, confusion, overwhelm, like I don’t have the answers
A: consume classes looking for answers and solutions
R: slow changes that are hard to measure

Maybe I should try:
C: ?
T: I show up for myself
F: feel confident, and capable
A: ?
R: steady, measurable/ noticeable results.
Thank you!