Newbie Model Questions


I’m new to SCS but not really new to Brooke’s concepts. I’m excited to dive deeper and take ownership of my life. As a bit of background, I have been feeling deeply overwhelmed lately and under-appreciated. I am a working professional mom who often feels like I am juggling all the balls and no one sees all the invisible work I do. I’ve been trying to work through some models about this but am finding that my action line seems to have a lot of feelings in it. I’d love any feedback.

C. My schedule
T. This is too much
F. Overwhelmed
A. Spin my wheels, make lists, feel angry when things get changed last minute or people don’t follow my agenda, buffer/distract with food/social media, complain to my friends, feel resentful towards my husband and kids, show up at work with a poor attitude
R. I make it too much

Below is my intentional model I am working through.

C. My schedule
T. I get to choose what is on my schedule
F. empowered
A. make lists, organize, delegate tasks I don’t want/don’t see value in, make boundaries and enforce them, stay present, less need to buffer/avoid, feel less overwhelmed
R. take ownership of my life

Thanks for your help.