Newbie Question

I am new – and signed up for the Stop Overeating – but also know the overdrinking is tied to the overeating…blah…blah…blah.. Anyway – asking for your help is a huge first step. I have always figured I could figure it out on my own. Because – I’m not stupid!!! But I’m tired and ready to quit trying to elimate what doesn’t work to find what works. That said… my question…. do I need to “do the thing” that spins me into the wrong thought process to figure out my feelings….. through the model? Or am I supposed to just take myself to that place that I eat/drink out of an emotion – and try to figure it out from there?

Thanks for being you – this is the first time I have heard people just be real – instead of trying to sell me on a product….workout routine….brand….etc. I am gonna celebrate myself as I throw out every bottle of ‘miracles’, recipe book of smoothies, magic weight ball, I just want to LIVE and enjoy the ride.

Michele Eiland