Newborn and Toddler

I had a baby 4 weeks ago and I have a toddler as well.

I am used to working and I like working. I don’t like being at home with my kids all day every day.

My schedule before the newborn was working Monday – Wednesday and I enjoyed it. I’m choosing not to go back to work until my newborn is a little stronger and I can trust someone to feed her without her choking (she had a scary incident 2 weeks ago that ended us up in PICU for 2 days). So, because of that I have chosen to stay home until she’s stronger, but I also feel so useless. I don’t like being at home all day. I am not engaging with my toddler much and I don’t like how I’m showing up. I give her screen time most of the day and pray she stays quiet because I’m so tired.

I know I’m not useless. I’m taking care of 2 children, but I do feel useless. Like life is just passing me by and I feel like I can’t get anything done that I want to throughout the day.