I recently left my partner and decided to move to a new city, and I’m not having very pleasant thoughts about my new location.

I liked my reasons for taking some space away from my partner, but I didn’t realize until now that I didn’t and don’t necessarily love my reasons for leaving my city. I didn’t think about it much, because at the time I was much more focused on liking my reasons for leaving my partner.

Now that I’ve gained some perspective, I wouldn’t say I “regret” the move, but I really don’t think I want to stay here either.
I would like to go back. After coming to this conclusion, I started to actually miss my partner again too. There was no way we could’ve gone on the way we were at the time. I’m grateful for this recent separation, but I also think I took our partnership for granted.

With all that being said, I’m curious if I’m going back on my word a little too quickly with all of this. I am wondering if I miss my partner/city because I’m uncomfortable, not because I actually miss them.

I’m thinking my next step is to do some thought work on where I am right now (in the new city, single) and THEN make the decision on if I would like to go back to how things were before.