News and Current Affairs

4 years ago I stopped watching/listening to news on the TV/radio, as part of a new year’s resolution. Originally, I only intended to do this for the month of January but found it helpful, so I’ve continued it to this date. I’m not concerned about not knowing about all the stuff that’s going on – I hear about some things from people and that seems ok.

I’ve been in SCS for a few months now, and have been wondering about this.

Here are some models:

My model prior to 4 years ago:
C: Hear TV and radio news several times a day.
T: There’s never any good news.
F: Agitated.
A: I talked about the news to people in a negative way. Complain about the news. Tell myself the news is always bad. Worry about the news. Wish the news was different.
R: My thinking is bad news for my wellbeing.

My model since 4 years ago:
C: I made a decision not to seek out TV news.
T: This is helpful.
F: Calm
A: Go about my day without worrying about news. Tell myself I’m better off not being triggered by news.
R: I help myself and my wellbeing.

Now I realize that I was just changing the circumstance to feel better.
Should I go back to listening to the news, so that I can learn to be at peace with the news whatever it is?
Thank you.