News feed: rape at the border

I normally stay away from news in general or things outside of my control. Today on my iPhone I clicked on an article about the fate of women as they cross into this country, and how they are raped by men who helped them cross, and the details of those crimes are causing me nightmarish thought loops. I know brain likes to repeat same thoughts over and over, today I feel like a prisoner of that story that I read. I am doing well in SCS otherwise. Do I just say “well, half of our circumstances are supposed to be negative, it’s all how those women see those crimes..,” ? The anger I feel from that thought loop is debilitating me, but not enough to rip at the political system, where it would be effective. I have had nightmares about abuse of women/girls since I was little, causing insomnia/depression/anxiety. This is an ancient thought loop for me. Today it is staring at me like a villain from a horror movie.