Next Goal

I’ve always been a goal oriented/driven person and have reached my previous goals set for myself. Now I’m struggling with what’s next. I’ve been spinning in indecision over do I even need to focus on a goal, do I need to focus on one goal or which goal do I pick.

Options I have been looking at: relosing the last 5 lbs (I’m not convinced I even need to), increasing my income (not convinced on that either), starting a side business (not sure I’m ready for the extra work), focusing on hobbies, focusing on remodeling/upgrading house.

I’m spinning in indecision, non commitment. I feel like Brooke would say “pick one and just do it” but I’m wondering if there is any more guidance out there? How do I even know if I want to continue going on to the next thing and when do I decide to just be?