Next goal

Hi Brooke!
Thank you so much for your answers! I’ve sent Erika a mail and hope to connect with the other French speakers. That’d be awesome!
Ever since you cleared my thinking about my weight goal, I’ve been committing and feel “it’s as good as done”, as you say (I’ve lost my first kilo!). So much so that my head is not spinning around my body or food any more – I just follow my protocol and food plan without questioning them.
As a consequence I’ve got much time to think about my next project: my own coaching business! I’m super excited and thanks to your help (again), I’ve finally found my niche, the project that excites me most: teaching how to learn English.
My target would be grown-ups who want to speak English, who need it to progress in their career and who are currently studying it. Their problem is that they are very successful in all areas of their lives but the English language part. And my solution would be to help them, to guide them with some techniques (getting organized, neuro-sciences, etc.) and to coach them so that they get more useful thoughts..
What do you think?
Thank you so much!