Next Month | DMWC


I am starting to think about next month and what I want to focus on. I am already planning on focusing on relationships to go with the SCS monthly theme and that will be my priority. I intend to define more what that looks like exactly once I receive the May materials. I usually do all the prep for the upcoming month (reading the books / watching the videos) before the month starts and then commit to doing the homework every day (and this is the first month I haven’t missed a day so far!). I want to be working on another course on top of doing the May work (as I will be finishing up an organization course this month and ready to start something new). I am looking for some guidance in what you might recommend based on what I am wanting (see below).

So, next month, I specifically want to work on my family relationships (with my husband and my kids), but also with myself. I joined SCS because I am on a personal growth journey – wanting to master my mind and my emotions – and eventually coach. With my relationship to myself – I want to really understand at a deeper level what it means to process emotion- expand my ability to sit with negative emotion. So, I was thinking of starting the How to Feel Better Course. I also want to understand what it really means to listen to my body, seeing negative emotion as a positive thing because it is my body telling me I have a need that is not being met – so that I can look into that and meet it myself. And with listening to my body, I want to be a bit more clear about what foods feel good in my body and get to a point where I don’t want sugar. Or flour. So then I am thinking the Stop Overeating Course would also be an option – but I don’t have any desire to lose weight or any of that…I am happy with my body the way it is and I am at a healthy weight already. Some other things I’d like to change – I don’t eat as wide a variety of foods as I’d like and I’m generally overwhelmed by my thoughts around meal planning / trying new things. LOL.

So, my question is this – knowing the courses you offer, and given this info – which course would you recommend I do first (I would like to do them both, but one at a time – practicing constraint!)? Would love your insights and thoughts on this. <3 TIA!