Next Step

Hi Brooke,
This is my second month in SCS, so I’m kinda a newbie. I will be attending the certification class in August!! I’ve completed the “narrowing my niche” worksheet and I feel that I have a great narrowed focus. Now I’m curious as to what you would suggest for my next step. Should I continue to surround myself in my monthly SCS (I will do this step not matter what), read books you’ve recommend, read other blogs about my area of interest… aka learning all I can about life coaching and the practices you teach, or should I begin to write blog content, start and IG page, think through programs and coaching ideas/practices for the niche that plan to dive into once I’m certified? I currently work as a special education teacher so I will have the summer to learn and grow! I just want to know where you might suggest I focus my efforts during the summer???
Also, my niche idea is to help LDS women with special needs children navigate through life and the IEP process with their child… and longer term coaching focus, help LDS women be the best parent for their special needs child, learning ways to help the child reach their full potential at home, in the classroom, and in the community. (Be their child’s best advocate). Thoughts?? Does that sound narrowed enough or just way to wordy?
Thanks for the amazing way you continue to show up in the world! 🙂