Next steps hard feelings, thank you Dr B

Another breakthrough to share with you and the gang. After 5000 yrs of therapy.

When I feel devastating curl up and die pain, it is what I am thinking that is causing me devastating curl up and die pain. (:)) yes I know…who knew…

What happened:
I looked at what my rational mind could do to help myself during hard hard emotional pain, and I realized I could make myself self-soothing mp3’s until I am through it. (I have been making mp3’s this past 6 months to help myself program new thoughts). The mp3’s would have me describe the kind of feeling, how it feels, what it would look if it were an image, etc. and then I would tell myself soothing thoughts that I need to hear to help me though it.

When I thought about it, the self-soothing thoughts would be things like “you are loved, you are creating a beautiful life for yourself, any problem can be solved, no one can ever harm you, good things are happening now, things are getting better and better, etc”.

and then it was like “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

the self soothing thoughts are the new thoughts I need to think, and old, programmed thoughts (from childhood) are creating such pain, such as “I am not loved, I will never be loved, I am ruined, I am shattered, I have no power over my life, others have power over me, I am powerless, my life will always be dark, my problems cannot be solved, other people are harming me, there is no reason to go on”.

Now I get it