I didn’t plan on going into religious territory when I started this – the course content is not religious -and I am certainly not a marriage counselor, but I am thinking that this may be my target audience (aka me, 20 years ago). I would like your feedback on if it is a good target market and/or how to make it a more concise statement.
“Married LDS women who feel abandoned by their husbands in the gospel. Problem: they feel disillusioned, hurt, angry, worried, have harder time working out issues in their marriage, worry about kids, don’t know where to draw boundaries, their faith is tried, they feel jipped by God. Want to keep their marriage, but wonder if it’s possible to actually have a happy marriage in this circumstance. How do I help them solve? Teach them communication skills, personal power, dealing with anger and criticism, building loving relationships. Teach them how to show up as the person they want to be no matter what the other person does. Result: feeling of control and power armed with tools to help them be more successful in their marriages.

In addition they are well educated, can afford coaching, are receptive to input, open to sharing their experiences and add value to everyone in the class/coaching session.”