I think I finally have it! I polled a Facebook group called daughters of narcisstic mothers and they said their biggest struggle is lack of self love.

What do you think of this niche?

I help introverted daughters of narcisstic mothers finally learn to love themselves so they can love their boyfriend more deeply and create a healthy long-term relationship.

Problem: struggle to love themselves
Solution: awareness and replacement of negative self-talk

You mention the solution shouldn’t be thought work, so I struggle with this part because the issue with self love is the way they think.

I know this isn’t the right way to use the model, but I’m using it as a niche tool to try and understand the problem and solution in their words.

With yours it’s
A stop overeating (solution)
R lose weight (problem)

And mine looks like

T reduce/replace negative thoughts about self (solution)
F self love (problem)

So the solution would be the letter one step up the model? Does this make sense?