Niche for art business

Hi Brooke, I’m studying the Entrepreneur class, and need some help with my niche for my art business. There are two main offerings in my art business, one is selling the paintings, the other is teaching art courses online. My business is pretty new, but have noticed that there are many overlapping of the two markets, meaning that the buyers who buy my art may also enrol in my or other online instructor’s art courses. But of course this is not always the case. There are people who only do courses but never buy original art (but may buy a small print), and there are people who do courses and buy art. In any case, I have asked myself who are my people for my two offerings separately.

Would you please provide some feedback as to if they are specific enough, can I combine them into one or better to keep separate (I guess separate?), and any feedback you can give would be great. Thanks.

For Selling Original Art:
Market niche is, women, who are interested in art, who are also interested in mindfulness practices, spiritual growth, personal growth, who can appreciate breaking away from the mass media and seeing the beauty and wellbeing in the world, who uses art as an expression of their values.

For Selling Art Courses:
Market niche is, women, who are interested in art, and wants to use art making as an expression of their emotions, stories, and values, as well as for healing and personal and spiritual growth, who also want to improve their technical skills, who want to learn oil painting or transition from another medium to oil paint.

I’ve also noticed that my current clients are mostly women in their 50s+, who have young grandchildren, or their children have left home and thus they have more time for themselves after years of raising a family. Shall I include that in my niche, too?

Thank you!!