Brooke, I am considering the following 3 options as a niche to market to. I would so appreciate your thoughts on each one: Possibilities –
1) Addicts In – and Committed to -Their Recovery. (I have experience buffering my feelings of anxiety, fear, and abandonment with over eating, over drinking, over working, over spending, and over doing. I can help people feel their feelings and create authentic relationships wit themselves and others.)
2) Adult Men and Women who experienced the death of a sibling during their formative years when they themselves were a child under the age of 12. I can help clients get to the other side of blaming themselves, find completion in all the family relationships affected, and ultimately forgive themselves and find acceptance of circumstances beyond their control.
3) People committed to living a life of outdoor adventure challenges. My clients have a dream to climb mountains, run marathons, and compete in triathlons. They want to express themselves physically and have a relationship with their bodies that they never thought possible. I can help my clients take those dreams and wishes become reality. As a result my clients will bring confidence and the spirit of adventure to everything they do.