Niche Help

Hi Brooke!

I am working with Pat 1-1 this month, that’s going really well!

I wanted your insight on my cleaned up Audience / Problem / Solution combination. I’m concerned my solution isn’t strong or clear enough.

What are you thoughts?

Ideal Client:
–> Female Coach
–> Established Online Business ($50,000+)
–> Amazing at relationships (people LOVE her)
–> Live streaming is her thing
–> Mailing list of less than 1,000
–> Her next goal is to double her business

Problem: “I’m maxed out on time but I know if I want to double my income, I need more relationships and a wider reach”

Solution: I help my clients pull in 40% – 60% of their reach so their mailing list grows in proportion to their visibility.

I’m specifically focusing on their automated funnel. The offer, the copy, the placement, the promotion integration, what to expect in term of statistics, how to stay in touch with your growing audience without stressing out.

They drive the traffic…I help them capture the leads effectively and then they nurture and convert them with their expertise and charisma.