Niche-ing it up again, clarifying is a challenge! Follow up

Hi again Brooke!

I am refining more and more my nice, problem, solution. Here is updated version. Please let me know if my niche is specific enough or if I need more work or clarity? I have more details on my program, a general description is at the bottom, but does my solution sound ok for a clarity standpoint?

Who I help: Moms that are self-employed “cultural creatives”; including artists, musicians, writers, healers and natural living advocates who are intelligent, passionate, and dedicated to their family and their work.

The problem: These moms are so busy trying to balance family life and work, while giving so much to the world, that they don’t make time for themselves and regularly feel stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed.

The solution: I use a unique combination of bodywork services and coaching to address the needs of the physical body and focus your thoughts and feelings to bring more rest, balance and joy into your life, so you can feel whole again.

My program: will include work on values, self care, relationships (expectations & support), minimalism (letting go), busyness (time management/scheduling) and overall health/wellness from mental, emotional, physical, spiritual perspective. I think I’d like to include 6 coaching sessions and 3 bodywork/massage sessions to reinforce relaxation and self care. Maybe even a local monthly local gathering moms night out.