Niche – Life in the middle

Hi Brooke!

I will be in your 2018 coach training and I could not be more excited about it! The niche I am working with right now is working Moms in midlife with school aged children who are living life by default. They are working in corporate and have attainted management level or higher in their career progression and are earning at least $100k. They feel unfulfilled in the life they have created but are handcuffed to their current level of success – their biggest problems are a lack of time, Mom guilt, and self sacrifice (no time/energy for self care or work/life balance because they put others ahead of themselves on the priority list). In many ways, they are living life in the middle – mid life, mid career, midway through their parenting journey. I know this is not niched down enough but I am struggling with asking myself a brilliant question so my brain will create a brilliant response on how to narrow it. What questions would you ask me to help me narrow my target even further? Thank you so much for your help!!