Niche Market

Hi Brooke,

I have been working on my niche market but I’m not sure if I’m on the right track. Any advice, guidance or tips are welcomed. Thank you x

Target: Intellectual women with children based in NZ who make decisions (or not) based on fear (avoidance). They are goal oriented and methodical / logical thinkers but have been feeling directionless, lost and exhausted and are buffering their emotions with bad habits (eating, shopping, drinking etc). They are married to their stories (past) and have a strained relationship with someone significant in their life.
Problem: They want to make changes to their life but are too scared too. They wonder why they can never reach any of their goals. Their problem is that their goals are elusive…they know what they want but can never seem to get there. They are too scared to make any real decisions in life and so live by default. They would like to move forward without fear, feel and see achievement and growth in their lives, put themselves first without taking away from those that they love (e.g. their children). They want to set a good example for their children and able to give to them from a place of love not a place of depletion. They want to know who they are outside of their roles and they want to be seen and heard by the people around them. They are exhausted and don’t know why.
Solution: The solution I will provide is to set and achieve clear goals in alignment with their values by managing their emotional state and helping them understand their thought processes so that they can let go of the story they are married to and create from their future.