Niche market for leadership and executive coaching / corporate clients – part 2

Hi Brooke, you recently advised me that I can absolutely use the life coaching tools and model for establishing a Leadership / Executive coaching and that I was overthink / creating drama rather than getting to work! You are absolutely right and I know that you are because that is exactly what I have been doing so far with the small number of clients i’ve had (when I stopped to think about it). However, my supplementary question is about how specific I should be when identify my target audience. With me focusing on corporate clients – is the target audience the type of organisations I want to target or the individuals in those organisations or both? I can see that there is a way to attract both to my coaching but perhaps in different ways. So, the if I was looking to work with middle managers wanting to progress to senior leadership roles then they are likely to be found in many sorts of organisations. However, if I want to work with women in male dominated industries then the focus is on specific organisations in an industry perhaps? I have always had it in my head that I prefer to work with successful, ambitious women but actually i’ve had more coaching experience (and success with men in management roles and I do really enjoy this). If I didn’t want to distinguish between men or women, is that leaving me too open? I guess what I”m really asking is can I be less specific about my target market if i’m doing leadership and executive coaching rather than life coaching or do the same ‘rules’ apply? Thanks again. Julie